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Sarah Jordan (Artist)

"Thank you Amanda and Rachel for the amazing class. I especially love the anomaly module. I felt like I was in a creative funk during quarantine until I listened to your videos. I'm an empath and introvert and thrive in solitude, but I was still feeling everybody's collective frustration even though I wasn't near them. I gave myself permission to be the anomaly and allow myself to have joy even when others are suffering. It's made such a difference and I am back on the canvas again."

Claudia Cauterucci

"WOW WOW WOW, RACHEL!!! Between last night and this morning I listened to SOVEREIGNTY 3 times! Rachel, your voice seems to merge with your words as if they are one and the if the words fuse into your voice...I feel words/voice speak to me like a spoon stirring rich, colorful, textured frosting -- ha!! Truly!! Thank you for the super detailed descriptions and the method...WOW! Your code of words is so speak the language, the EMPATH LANGUAGE (as if it were Spanish or French or Italian).....**SIGH**....

Amanda, I feel the same way with your voice....with you I feel a call to arms. Sometimes when I listen to you, before going to sleep I feel passion activated, full of life, like I want to jump out of bed and open my arms WIDE! Yes, to life, yes to you, yes to heart.....CALL TO LIFE! So thankful that you heard your call in the deep forest and came to find us. Thank you Amanda, for coming to find us all over the world....DARE LA LUCE!" 

Patti Trojacek

"I am totally blown away! I have to say this class is exactly what I have been moving toward. Amanda Flaker, you are the only person I have come across that 100% speaks my language. There are things you say and I sit wondering if somehow you are an aspect of me because you speak ME so eloquently. I know I am in the right place. Thank you for putting yourself out here."

Megan Riley (Empath Coach)

"This class has changed a lot for me, and now it’s an easy yes to look at everything differently. Empaths don’t love the same or eat the same or make love the same. Why should we do business the same?" 

Tina Beck

"Thank you for being so real and raw here today. I could feel your energy and emotion through my body. I feel so grateful to be in this space with you."

Sarah Yeoman (Reiki Practitioner)

"I needed a day to process today's LIVE.  It is the most profound online experience I have been a part of. It showed how softening to our triggers can change the effect we have not only on ourselves but others. The palpable energy you radiated through this was amazing to experience; Just watching you go from a place of struggle to one where you were pivoting to what feels good. Your whole expression changed during this live, I was so moved even to tears watching this. I feel privileged to watch it live. I re-watched it last night to make sure I got all your nuggets. This reaffirmed signing up to this experiment has been the best money I have invested, in not only my business, but myself. Thank you for your courage to run such a live experiment. "

Nicole Mason Conley 

"Vulnerability leads to purer sensuality. Thank you for blossoming before our eyes and creating space for us to do the same. You are witnessed in that beauty."