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Step into the matrix and take advantage of this unique time to dive deep into the inner-workings of the Abundance Matrix and why it’s the only reality that provides true freedom and sovereignty.

We are in an insanely pivotal time in history. Collective algorithms have shifted and the momentum to jump out of the lack matrix (for good) is at an all-time high.

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Primal Psychic Instincts Essential for Empath Entrepreneurs to Thrive



The Spiritual Tech of Sovereignty (for Empath Entrepreneurs 


The Resonance of Astronomical Abundance (for Empath Entrepreneurs)


Shadow Contract Workshop


Shadow Contract Workshop


Join Tantric Entrepreneur Amanda Flaker, and Creative Coach Emily Motzkus as they dive deep into a workshop that will catapult you into the Abundance Matrix

The Shadow Contract workshop will help you learn to identify and dissolve any Shadow Contracts that keep you in lack and anxiety



Workshop Outline 

  • What are Shadow contracts?​

  • How and Why they are the key to exiting the Lack Matrix

  • A process for how to clearly identify your Shadow Contracts

  • A deeper understanding of Shadow Contracts (empath-narcissist, etc)

  • How to get free from Shadow Contracts and take back (enact) your sovereignty

  • step-by-step guidance for how to navigate Shadow Contract dissolution and stay in the "win win win"

  • Convo Scripts PDF for  how to communicate when dissolving a shadow contract

December 5th-6th


Hosted in: Zoom 

Price: $111

Emily Motzkus

Emily Motzkus, Ph.D., has her doctorate in Poetry and Creative Writing from The University of Denver; a Masters of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Utah.

Founder & creatress of pōm spiritual poetics, Emily's goal is to help creatives & other dreamers cultivate poetic essence in their projects, business, and life.

Her work includes motivational speaking; teaching corporate workshops; and offering online courses that help increase life satisfaction, creativity, and mindfulness. Learn more about pōm or watch Em's TEDxTalk.

Emily also guides one-on-one spiritual-creativity coaching. In 12-weeks Em will help you heal any long-standing creativity wounds, nurture your inspiration, and (re)generate your authentic voice & gift. 

In her spare time Emily enjoys teaching pilates & meditation at Good Movement Studio in Park City, Utah. Snuggling her cat Moochie and adventuring the globe with her family and friends.




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