Registration Opens January 25th 2021



The Tantric Entrepreneur Experiment: A place for Empath Entrepreneurs to get out of the hustle of the mimic/lack business model, get tantric with their business, and connect/network with other empath entrepreneurs.


The NEW Tantric Entrepreneur Experiment starts February 2nd in a Private Facebook Group (why Facebook? Because it needs tantric entreprenuers more than almost any other platform online). There will be an option to receive the LIVES via video in your inbox, but you would miss out on the group experience). 


This is a 9 Week LIVE training. All trainings will be taught in a Facebook LIVE. All lives will be available on replay indefinitely (in the group).


In this round of the TANTRIC ENTREPRENEUR EXPERIMENT I will be LIVE with other professional empath entrepeneurs talking about:


*Empathic burnout in business

*Online /Social Media mimic (and how to get out of it)

*Where Human Design, Numerology, and your personal Astrology chart can help you navigate your business and play to your strengths

*How to connect to the multidimensional internet and make your energy signature resonate in the psychic realms (manifestation stuff)

*The importance of your unique poetic expression (and how to access it)

*How to organize your creative impulses

*How to energetically/astrally scale your business (and your reach)

*The role of your body play in your business (and tips on how to get your body in alignment and thriving with your business model). 


We will also have LIVE breath work lead by professional healers (to help us access our primal insticts and reset the body back to a tantric resonance with life).


This training is meant to get you out of performance mode, out of your head, and into the power and momentum of your creative impulse so you can fuel your business with energy and vitality (and have pleasure doing it!).

This training puts your empathic abilities FIRST and will help fuel your creative impulses and empathic gifts into a business model that directly supports and utilizes your unique skill set and touch point on the grid as an empath.


Include your pleasure in the equation of your business. 


This is your time!




Tantric Entrepreneur Experiment

  • To activate creative energy and make business pleasurable.