The Tantric Entrepreneur Experiment: A place for Empath Entrepreneurs to get tantric with their creative urge and consciously flow sexual energy into their intuitive business.


(This is especially geared toward emerging coaches/energy workers/and influencers who offer their services online and know they are here to BE heaven on earth. This training is designed to strengthen your message/offering, and create a “business model” directed and fueled by your creative/empathic urge)


The NEW Tantric Entrepreneur Experiment starts September 28th in a Private Facebook Group.


This is a 9 Week LIVE training. All trainings will be taught in a Facebook LIVE. All lives will be available on replay indefinitely (in the group).


Everyone who signs up for the training will receive a pdf. workbook that outlines each week’s content and provides questions and exercises to help you dive deeper into the material. When you sign up, you will also receive all the LIVE’s from my first tantric experimental group.


This training will empower you as an empath entrepreneur (and help your business thrive).

I hope you enjoy all the hacks I wish I had when I got started. This training will help fuel creative urge and your empathic gifts into a business model that directly supports and utilizes your unique skill set as an empath.


Get tantric with us!



Tantric Entrepreneur Experiment

  •  To consciously use our empathic/intuitive gifts to manifest our ideal clients,  sharpen our astral/manifestation skills, strengthen the psychic network of empath entrepreneurs as a whole, and dive deeper into our vulnerabilities to create a more authentic and empowering experience for ourselves and our clients/audience.



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