Our creative urge (djinn) has been enslaved to serve the lack matrix. Empaths feel and experience this enslavement in their emotional and energetic body.  This class is how to set it free.


Djinn Magick (Unedited Beta Test)

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  • 1. Embrace your URGE:  Within us pulses the powerful Eros of life, calling us to our greatest purpose, and leading us to joy and deep fulfillment all along the way.  Find out how to tap into your life force, creative, sexual energy, and use it to break free into the life you’ve always dreamed.  Your URGE is always there for instinctive direction and clarity if we understand how to listen and flow it in the direction of our dreams. It teaches us how to get primal which leads to our prime resonance, once our URGE is free we can create our deepest purpose in life.


    2.Dissolve your Shadow Contracts: Shadow contracts are the “fine print” in the dynamic of our relationships with self, others, and the planet. They are created from any belief we have in lack and held together by our belief in “sacrifice.” Once we dissolve our shadow contracts (and their energetic/emotional equivalent in our chakras) we free up our creative urge to intentionally co create with heaven on earth.


    When we dissolve our shadow contracts, we move from a victim/aggressor/savior narrative to Sovereign Creator narrative. We enact our right to choose the narrative our creative urge is filtered through. 


    3. Enact Your Sovereignty: Without personal Sovereignty we serve the perceived masters of our lives and never ourselves.  Sovereignty hands us back the reins to our own life and breaks the chains institutional, cultural, religious and familial beliefs have over us.  When we put ourselves first in the equation of life everything changes…everything.  Once free we can now enact the principle of emanation and watch as the world around us starts yielding to our will.


    4.Chase Anomaly: Unconscious Algorithms suck the life out of our conscious behavior. These powerful programs blind us and bind us to ways of being that no longer serve us.  These algorithms come from traumas and pain of the past and limit the new experiences we want to bring into our lives.  To have a new life we must break the chain of these algorithms.  Anomaly tech shows us how to radically experience new life, fully conscious and engaged.  Anomaly technology is one of our most profound techs we have within the body.  Find out how to use it to completely change the math of your personal equations. 


    5.Trigger Your Fault Lines Consciously: Understand fault lines + how they your creative urge gets trapped within them.

    Fault lines are the energetic/psychic patterns of our programming/trauma. Intimately knowing our fault line patterns gives us the opportunity to trigger them on purpose to do something different (create anomaly) and catapult out of the traumatic lack patterns. 


    6. Witness:  We can choose to see life and ourselves as a judge and prosecutor or we can view life as an observer and creator.  Learn the difference between seeing through the eye of Witness which births restoration or through the eye of Judgment that only creates more war within ourselves and the planet.  Witness is a powerful spell of evolution that gives us new clarity in creating the life we want and “seeing” ourselves and others in a new way. 


    7. Communion: We are here to build a new earth and new way of being.  We are here to experience levels of community, intimacy and connections that transcend all pain and suffering.  We are here in this body for deep communion, with each other and the earth.  Learn how to open up to the new grid of Heaven on Earth and how to start living in this new dimension.  Communion leads to the door of transmutation and rebirth into our new selves.  What will you create within your own heaven, now that you are finally free! 

  • This is a pre-recorded/unedited beta test of the Djinn Magick course. Everyone who purchases the beta test will receive the updated versions free of charge (price on the updated versions will go up).