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"Amanda has a powerful ability to see through the illusion of lack.  She communicates it clearly in the group so that I can see where it's been showing up for me too.

In live workshops, videos and posts in the Abundance Matrix Master Mind, Amanda offers key insights into the places where I have been stuck in old programming and beliefs, so that I am able to shift out of these stories of lack quickly.

I always feel seen and heard in the group and really look forward to new insights that support me in creating a more abundant life, business and world one anomaly at a time!" 

Faith Presley - Member of the  Abundance Matrix Mastermind 


We are in an insanely pivotal time in history. Collective algorithms have shifted and the momentum to jump out of the lack matrix (for good) is at an all-time high.


July 2020

July is all about Astronomical Abundance for Empath Entrepreneurs. 

As the world wakes up to the reality of our mass hypnosis in the lack matrix, empaths are being asked to help in the collective with shadow work and integration. 

July will be a powerful month in our Master Mind to tap into the 7 Laws of Astronomical Abundance and how they can be applied to our life, business, and the collective experience. You will learn the ins-and-outs of navigating the Abundance paradigm  (as well as tools to help you know when you’re participating in the Lack Matrix — and how to get out). 

Topics we will cover in July:

1. The 7 Laws of Astronomical Abundance (in-depth)

2. Investing in the psychic real estate of Heaven on Earth using the power of words, thoughts, emotions, and actions to create and participate in the world you want 

3. Accessing the multidimensional internet (to connect to the tribe vibe) Learn the creative adventure of riding synchronicity as a technology.

4. Exiting the Hive mind (and everything about how the hive mind works) and step into a co-creative/trusting relationship with life


August 2020

When we approach change with a “war” vibration (which can also be a “work hard” or “prove it” vibration) we don’t realize that we punish ourselves (on an energetic level) and push abundance further away.

The rewards vs punishment system is based on the belief that there’s not enough (and therefore belongs to the lack matrix). 

To truly free ourselves from lack, we must RESPECT our creative abilities (the power we have to BELIEVE something) and then tune into the beliefs that saturate our entire human experience with the truth of our abundant nature.

Beliefs can work for or against us. It’s up to us to sift through them and find out which ones keep us in lack, and which beliefs support our growth and expansion.

In order to learn how creative power works, we must be willing to make mistakes, mess up, and allow failure to be our greatest teacher. You can’t do that in a rewards vs punishment system.

In the Abundance Matrix, EVERY belief (and reality) exists. Therefore, we don’t have to go to war with the belief systems we don’t like; we simply invest in the ones we do.

Topics we will cover in August

We will focus on the creative power of our beliefs to design the ideal business, lifestyle, and reality. 

  1. Answering the collective call for healing (shifting into the win/win/win)

  2. How to leverage your empathic gifts in the shift (allow your empathic gifts to support your life, rather drain it).

  3. Know who your ideal client/audience is

  4. Finding your tribe/astral network

  5. Establishing your personal algorithm of Abundance through intuitive and instinctual action


September 2020

September will be a month of focusing on intention, ritual, and the magic of our empathic gifts.  We will focus on the power of telepathic communication with the tribe vibe, rituals, prayer, and affirmations, as a means of FUELING our own personal energy signature of heaven on earth (and connecting with others who are living it).

Topics we will cover in September:

1. Astral networking

2. Turning on the multidimensional internet through our ritual and practice (the Real-world wide web is the inner-workings and entanglement of our collective thoughts, fears, and desires…and the world we co-create as a result). 

3. The power of psychic communication with our future self

4. Meditations for abundance 


“I will be forever grateful to Amanda. Through her classes and coaching I have reconnected with my authenticity, and heart which has allowed me to move from patterns of abuse survival to choosing abundance and living from my power.  Her coaching gave me the courage to make major life changes at critical points in my journey.  Amanda is a master at intuitively helping others become aligned so that they can move toward healing, deep transformation, and powerful authenticity.  I highly recommend Amanda's classes and mentoring to anyone ready and willing to access their internal magic to heal, expand, and experience abundance."

Kylar A. Dunn

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Life Coach 

Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA


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"Woot woot!! Taking notes and hitting the pavement with Amanda! SO READY AND FIRED UP FOR THIS. Her resonance calls me into action through self-belief every single time! She is FIRE!” 

~ Claudia Cauterucci — Member of the Abundance Matrix Mastermind

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Yes! I offer 1:1 Empowerment Sessions. You can learn more about these sessions on the services page.  



Yes! The fall teachings will be released in August. If you are already a member you just continue your journey with us!


Nope! All the content and lives are in the group.  You just join us and then go through past videos as you are ready. We are a living breathing empath group that supports each other and is excited for you to join!

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